I'm Mandie Hailwood legally, but everyone calls me Hailtree.
Maybe it's because I love nothing more than a long bush walk through nature, maybe it's because my high school teacher could never remember my last name - and years on it has become a nickname that stuck with me.

I've always loved the art of expressing stories through a photographic medium. At a young age, I used to hound every single local venue every time there was a gig on. My email accounts were full of rejections - because I was just a kid, and everything was R18. However this didn't stop me persisting, and before I turned 18 I had landed my first international gig - covering Bring Me The Horizon up in Auckland. This gave me a taste for what the real thing would be like - and the energy of being at a gig taking photos has been something I have been fighting for ever since.

Over the years I've been lucky enough to shoot many many shows - I've had the chance to travel around New Zealand, and cover many amazing bands - from some personal favourites such as Escape The Fate, Clap Clap Riot, and Fall Out Boy, down to many a local NZ band!

I currently work as a freelancer, and also for an online music blog titled The Mousai - along with two of my closest friends. I’m available to travel for gigs - in fact I love it, and will take any chance I can to get out of town for a few days! 

I treat my photoshoots as an adventure - so let's go for a walk through a forest, or down the city laneways, and turn those memories into art!